12/10/2023 -

P e t   N a m e   D a y   time

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Are you always looking for occasions to surprise your pet with something? Are you looking forward impatiently to celebrating his or her birthday with your family in a worthy manner? Now here is a new occasion to celebrate your pet. www.petpressive.com provides a new day for celebration for both pets and their families. From now on, you can celebrate not only your pet’s birthday but his or her name day as well. Don’t you know when the apple of the eye of the family has his or her name day? Order our calendar, which will surely help you find it and never again forget about this important event.

"Create your own" calendar

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"Create your own" calendar
Although your pet cannot say it’s name, it does recognize it. It may be more important to it than anything else, as it means that it belongs somewhere, is loved and cared about. It is his or her NAME. So do you know when your pet celebrates it's name day?